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Alive Private School

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Alive Montessori and Private School
has been providing top-quality, Montessori education to preschool, kindergarten and elementary children.

We provide math, language, drama, salsa, piano classes with many workshops.

Our goal at Alive Montessori & Private School is to provide the best possible start to our children through proper education, thereby instilling a life-long love of learning in every child. We aim to create a safe, caring and fun environment where every child will learn and will become more and more confident as he or she gains in abilities. Here you’ll find exceptional teachers, curriculum and learning environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Children are encouraged to experiment, investigate,
make wise choices, solve problems, and be self-reliant.

Basics of reading, writing and math to ensure
that each child has a sound foundation
on which to build his education. 

The student is expected to fully understand
each curriculum step before moving on to the next item.

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