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On The Spot Massage

On The Spot Massage chair massage provides a more direct massage, focusing on key tension areas. It is a faster and less-expensive option and can be done in any space.

Internal Beauty Consultant – Rhonda D’Amour – Stretch Queen

Rhonda D’Amour (Stretch Queen) I teach people over video calls how to heal through stretching. I have been healing and growing my own body for 25 years. For the first 13 years I stretched every day for 4 hours a day. I stretch most of the day while I’m taking videos cooking cleaning posting and working.

Within Range

We invite you to check our website for specials, location, prices, golf lessons, and upcoming events. Enjoy your golf season and see you at Within Range Golf Centre.

Kelly Kinetix

At Kelly Kinetix, you’ll be able to reach your goals and share your joy through your journey. Multiple avenues of dance, fitness, and breathwork are combined to help your transformation into this reality. Ready to Thrive Through Life?